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Kelly Gerken, SBD

Holly Haas, SBD

Stacie Tackett, SBD

Desiree Johnson, SBD

Bethany Conkel, SBD

Michelle Miller, SBD

Stephanie Zachrich, SBD

Megan Crase, SBD

Deleen Long, SBD

Anne Risner, SBD

Melody Lyons, SBD

Ruth Sutter, SBD

Shahnyn Moody, SBD

Gina Turlington, SBD

Tienne Wilkin, SBD

Shannon Sasseville, SBD

Mary Susan Delagrange, SBD

Patsy Leo, SBD (Cleveland area)

Jill Winstel, SBD

Victoria Stapleton, SBD

Heather Dumas, SBD

Hannah Scott, SBD

Ashley Sova, SBD

Brittany Irvine, SBD (Preble)

Kerren Richey, SBD (Columbus)

Katherine Rich, SBD (Cincinnati & Dayton)

Skye Deming, SBD (Trumbull and Mahoning counties)

Eileen Slotterbeck, SBD (Licking County)

Rachel Swick, SBD (Licking County)

Niki Sidle, SBD (Northwest Ohio)


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Doulas who’ve chosen to list with stillbirthday:



Doulas (certified through Cascade, CBI, DONA, CAPPA or other organization)



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Important Tips for Parents

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