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If you are a student pursing nursing contact hours, you will find that your BEST items are encrypted.  Here is how to access them.


Accessing the files of the training contents does get easier, but does require a systematic approach.  It’s annoying to navigate at first, and we’re always on the lookout for a simpler program that still ensures the security of our proprietary content.  Do not let the security system discourage you from the journey you have rightfully embarked on.  You can do it.

Here’s the steps:

First, access Student Resources:

01.Student Resources

Second, click the link to access the module page you’re needing.


And now, you are ready to access the Chapter File!

Chapter Files

01.} Enter into your module page with the encryption access you’ve been granted:



02.} Once in your Module Page, you’ll click the {instant download} link for your chapter:



03.} Follow the simple registration form like this:

  • Complete the Name and Email bars
  • Click the black “Submit” button



04.}  After “Submit” ~ the page will automatically refresh to this:


05.} Click the blue {Free – Purchase} button until you see this confirmation screen:


06.} In the above confirmation screen, click “Free Download” – then save the file to your computer for your own viewing.




07.} Sending in your exam:



~~Prior to Second Semester chapters access {5-8}, you will need to visit MidTerm to complete a simple form and receive a message from Heidi Faith.~~


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