CarlyMarie Scholarship

CarlyMarie is Christian Dudley’s mother.

As time passed and Carly mourned her son, she was given a dream.  In her dream, she saw Christian on the beach.

She knew, that she was being drawn to the beach.  She went, and she etched his name in the sand – and snapped a photo.

That day, it became Christian’s beach.

And every year, CarlyMarie captures nearly 10,000 photos at his beach.

Photos, that bring joy and comfort and healing to mothers, all over the world.

Carly has used her creative and healing gift in photos, prints, calendars, her Lost for Words card line, and beautiful Recognition of Life prints.

I own several of CarlyMarie’s art pieces.

From Carly:

“My son died before he got to take a breath of air. Yes, I felt like I died too. Yes, I wanted to die too. But I am still here and my life is as beautiful as ever. I have my bad days, but most of my days are beautiful days because I choose healing each and every morning that I wake. Grief is hard work. Healing is hard work. But here I am, a survivor not a victim. My smile is real, I do not hide behind it and I will never feel guilty for enjoying my life and all of the joys that lay before me. I’m not living just for me anymore, I live for him too and I’m trying my very best to make the most of the time that I have left here on Earth. I am still heartbroken. I am still healing. I am still grieving because I am still loving. He is still my son and that is why I am STILL STANDING.”

Recipients of the CarlyMarie Scholarship will demonstrate a selfless, mature and humble desire to improve their professional understanding of birth and bereavement support.




One CarlyMarie Scholarship will be awarded each SBD training session.  The Scholarship award grants 100% tuition toward the SBD training for the chosen recipient.  In addition, once the recipient is awarded the Carly Marie Scholarship, he or she will also be entitled to bear the Scholarship logo.

logo carly marie

01.} a place of study or training in a special field
02.} a society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field

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