Encryption Access & Demos

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The password for student resources is !!___!!, and, the modules/chapters password is !!___!!
You’ll see in Student Resources, a section set apart, near the top, with 8 module links.
MODULES – a stillbirthday page that is a full collection of all related materials for that week’s subject. This page includes the link to download and receive the chapter file, plus videos, plus supplemental links, plus the form for you to copy and paste your exam answers into.
For example, here is Module One:

Within the modules that hold nursing contact hours, those files are embedded through a special program.  That program looks like the photo below.  We previously held every file, including chapters, into this format (but now have made it much simpler for you).

CHAPTERS – the chapter is the downloaded PDF file that contains approximately 50-100 pages of content for that week.
Our “Instant Download Guide” offers a step-by-step process to retrieve your Chapter file from its program. See: http://stillbirthday.academy/2011/0…
This classroom is intended to enrich your journey, but is not required. Everything you’ll actually need for your credentialing can be found at stillbirthday.
Student Resources is a virtual Trapper Keeper that holds all the materials you’ll need, including 8 Modules, supplemental materials in each module, the PDF Chapter Files for downloading, and the exams.
01.} You’ll start by clicking this link: www.stillbirthday.academy/student-r

Step One
2.} Complete the password to enter.
03.} It will have a table of contents with 8 Module links. Click Module One.

Two Ways to Module One
04.} The password for the modules is the same as Student Resources.
05.} In Module One, you’ll see a lot of info pertaining to that module’s subject. In this, you’ll also see the link to begin to download Chapter One, which is the PDF reading curriculum content.

Chapter One is a PDF to be downloaded, embedded here in Module One.
06.} The download process for the PDF file can seem a bit wonky at first. It looks like you’re making an online purchase, but it’s free. I promise it makes sense on the admin side and is important. Here is our guide: http://stillbirthday.academy/2011/0

The download process starts like this. Visit the Download Guide for even more assistance.
07.} You’ll download your Chapter One PDF file to read and save for yourself.
08.} After you’ve read Chapter One, you’ll return to Module One via the steps above, to read the exam questions.
09.} Save your exam responses into your own Word document or similar program.
10.} Copy and paste your exam answers into the exam feedback form you’ll find in Module One.

Completing Exam
This information is also looked at in the Week One Basics file here in the room, if you want extra guidance for week one.

01.} a place of study or training in a special field
02.} a society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field

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