Start a Conversation or Schedule a Meeting
with Heidi Faith

Do you have a question about the exam?  Do you have something else you’re facing this week?  Do you just need a little encouragement or clarity on something?
Just let me know what you’re facing, and we can walk it together.


To have a phone chat, my phone number is 816.343.4615.  I request that conversations pertaining to suggestions regarding the materials or training to please be made in the form below or via email, because these are very important to me.

To schedule a meeting, you’ll receive a confirmation email to select a one hour time you prefer within the next week.  The meeting will be held via our AnyMeeting account, which you may need to prepare in advance by downloading.  Once the timeframe is confirmed, you’ll receive an invitation email to enter the meeting space.






01.} a place of study or training in a special field
02.} a society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field

Hello SBD Doula Students!  Please be sure you’re in our SBD U Admissions group, or a classroom!  You can connect with Heidi Faith at any time.